Digital Marketing training

Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing


·        What is marketing?

·        What is digital marketing?

·        Why are people going online?

·        Key concepts of digital marketing

·        Benefits of digital marketing

·        How digital marketing evolved

·        Who’s using digital marketing?

·        How do traditional and digital media differ?

·        What is inbound and outbound marketing?

·        Understand the future of digital marketing

·        What is a search engine?

·        Types of search engine

·        How does the search engine work?

·        Why is google the world’s best search engine?

·        Ranking factors of Google

·        What are the reasons for Yahoo’s failure?

·        Tools required in digital marketing

·        What is advertising?

·        What is online advertising?

·        What is AdWords?

·        Some of the best digital marketing case studies

·        Carer scope in Digital Marketing



Search Engine Optimization Syllabus 


·  Introduction and Understanding of SEO?

·  How does Search Engine work?

·  Basics of SEO

·  On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO

·  What is the main purpose of using keywords in SEO?

·  Some important SEO tools

·  What is link building and why does it matter?

·  What are backlinks?

·  What is an outbound link?

·  Difference between do-follow and no-follow links

·  What are meta tags

·  What is an anchor text?

·  What is robots.txt?

·  What is the landing page?

·        Latest updates in Google search algorithm

·        Panda algorithm vs Penguin algorithm

·        How to remove toxic links to a site?

·        What is Sitemap? How is it important?

·        What is social bookmarking?

·        What is social networking?

·        What is an RSS feed?

·        What are Google site links?

·        What is google my business?

·        Popular SEO Blogs to follow

·        What is Alexa Ranking?

·        Why do we use content marketing for SEO?


Google My Business -  How to Optimize  Business Listings


·  What is Alexa Ranking?

·  Setup of Google my Business18m

·   Creating Post

·   Creating Post - Image Creation

·   Creating Info

·   Update Your Products

·   Description & Other Updates

·   Creating Insights

·   Measure Your Business Analytics

·   GMB Profile Ranking

·   Dealing with Reviews

·   Dealing with Negative Reviews

·   Updating Photos

·   Updating Products

·   Updating Services

·   Various User Page Roles

·   Creating Google My Business Account

·   Writing Your Google My Business Description

·   Creating Google My Business Website

·   Citations & Types of Citations

·   Citation Audit

·   Ranking Factors and Checklist

·   Running Google My Business Ads/ Local Business

·  Why do we use content marketing for SEO?




Keyword Research and planning


·  What are Keywords?

·  Types of Keywords

·  Keyword-based on length

·  History of Keyword Research

·  Why is keyword research important?

·  LSI Keywords

·  What is the keyword research process?

·  Understanding your target market

·  What is Keyword Density, and does it matter?

·  Know what your people want

·  How to use Google keyword planner?

·  How to do the business analysis?


Content Writing


·  What is content writing

·  Introduction to the different types of Contents

·  How to improve your writing skills?

·  How to write SEO-optimized content?

·  Use of proper Tags (h1, h2, h3)

·  Attractive Title and Headings

·  Anchor Texts

·  How to count words

·  Understanding your audience

·  Write for users, not for Google

·  What makes good content?


Social Media Optimisation 


·  What is Social Media Optimization?

·  What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

·  Search Engine Optimization vs Social Media Optimization

·  List of social media

·  Importance of social media

·  How Social Media Affects SEO?

·  How to promote business through SMO

·  What is Viral Marketing

·  Social media success tracking tools?

·  What type of social media content converts best?

·  What is the responsibility of a social media manager?

·  Top social media marketing tools to consider?

·  Some common social media mistakes


Facebook Marketing


·        Facebook Insights

  • Facebook Algorithms
  • Ad Practices for Ad Content
  • Facebook Targeting Options
  • Retargeting or Facebook Exchange
  • Facebook Page Management


Twitter Marketing

·        Introduction to Twitter Marketing

·        Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Marketing

·        Twitter Ads – Content & Targeting

·        Influencer Marketing

·        Power of Twitter and use of hashtags

·        Tools and Measurement

LinkedIn Marketing

·        Introduction to LinkedIn

·        How to Market

·        Personal Marketing

·        Brand Marketing

·        LinkedIn Ads

·        LinkedIn Campaigns


Instagram Marketing


·  Creating a Business Page

·  Marketing Tools and Ads

·  Influencer Marketing on Instagram

·  What is Instagram

·  Instagram statistics

·  How Brands use Instragram

·  Creating Instragram Account

·  Types of Instagram Accounts

·  Linking Instagram with Facebook

·  Tour of Instagram App

·  What works in Instagram

·  Types of Content (Posts & Stories)

·  Post Designing Tools

·  Stories & Highlights

·        Importance of Hashtags

·        How to use Hashtags

·        Popular Tools for Instagram

·        Engagement Metrics

·        Instagram Analytics

·        Instagram Ads

Quora Marketing

·        What is Quora?

·        Quora Statistics

·        Benefits of Quora Marketing

·        Top Quora Users & Brands

·        Creating Quora Account (Personal/Company)

·        Optimizing the Quora Profile

·        Following Topics & Users

·        Understanding the Quora Policies

·        How to Answer the Questions

·        Engaging with Users

·        How to Increase Followers

·        Quora KPI’s

·        Quora Stats Tool


Pinterest Marketing Syllabus 

·        Why use Pinterest for business?

·        How to set up a Pinterest account for your business

·        Analyze Work

·        Spice Up Your Strategy

·        How to Create Popular Pins

·        Images that Work

Social Media Automation

·        How to Automate Social Media

·        Tools to Automate Social Media

·        What You Can & Can’t Automate

·        Automating Social Media Reporting & Analytics

·        Find the best time to share

·        Rules of Smart Social Media Automation

Google Algorithms

·        Intro to Google Algorithm

·        Types of Google Algorithms

·        How Algorithms works

·        How to adjust Algorithms

·        Check if you have been hit by any of them

·        Major Google Algorithm Changes and Penalties

Google Search Console

·        Understanding of Google Search Console

·        Using Google Search Console to Increase Traffic

·        Crawl Stats Vs Crawl Error

·        Removing Spam Backlinks from Website

·        Index Pages in Google Search Console

Google Analytics

·        Introduction of Google Analytics

·        Data Analysing with Google Analytics

·        Checking User Behaviour

·        Tracking Traffic from Different Sources

·        Using Analytics Date for Retargeting

Google AdWords Syllabus 

·        What is AdWords?

·        Ads Placement

·        How to get approval for AdWords?

·        How to get Ads on your Blog/YouTube

·        Content and traffic strategy

·        Guidelines and requirements


·        Intro to Geo-Targeting

·        IP Based Geo-Targeting

·        How to reach visitors from different countries

·        Keyword Selection Based on Geographic Targeting

·        Tracking Email location

·        Website Planning Based on Geographic Targeting

Online display Advertising

·        Marketing Objectives to Display Advertisement

·        Display Ad Formats & Tools

·        Audience Targeting

·        Remarketing and Advanced Audience Selection

·        Dynamic Display Ads

·        Payment Modules

Email Marketing

·        Understanding & Benefits of Email Marketing

·        How to write Effective content and subject line?

·        Why Email automation is required?

·        Designing an effective Email campaign

·        Tracking Email Marketing Reports

·        Email Guidelines

SMS Marketing

·        Introduction to SMS Marketing

·        Why SMS Marketing

·        Kinds of SMS

·        Promotional SMS

·        Transactional SMS

·        How to Integrate SMS on Software



·        How do Remarketing Ads work?

·        How much does Remarketing Cost

·        What is Remarketing Campaign

·        How to target non-converting audience segments

·        How to Boost Conversions with Remarketing

·        Strategies for Better Remarketing

·        .

Lead Generation

·        Lead Capture

·        Lead Magnets

·        Landing Page Conversion Techniques

·        Lead Scoring



Freelance Guidelines

·        Freelancing Overview

·        Types of Freelancing Work

·        Finding Clients: Freelance Websites

·        How to grab freelancing Projects

Interview Preparation

·        Interview Preparation Essentials

·        Essential Tools and Resources to Help you succeed

·        How to Crack Any Interview? Industry Secrets

·        Written Test Preparation

·        Mock Interview Session


1.    Display Advertising

2.    Search Ad Certification

3.    Digital Sales

4.    Google Ads Mobile





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