AWS and DevOps training

AWS and DevOps


Introduction to DEVOPS

                Software Development Life Cycle

                DevOps introduction

             DevOps Lifecycle

                DevOps tools



o    Operating system overview

o    Multi user & single user os

o    Introduction to unix/linux

o    Linux features

o    Structure of OS

o    Different shells


o    Logging into the system

o    Introduction to commands

o    Command types

o    System date & time

o    Changing shells

o    Control characters

o    Sending messages

o    Working with aliases

o    Command history



o    Understanding file system

o    Understanding file structure

o    File types

o    Working with directories & files

o    Wild card characters

o    Finding files

o    Viewing files page by page

o    Check user quotas


                               Compressing files

                        Uncompressing files

                        Archiving using tar,zip


o    Understanding permissions

o    File attributes

o    Understanding owner, group & other

o    Changing group & owner

o    Changing permissions

o    Group logins

o    Default permissions 

o    Working with acls

·          VI EDITOR

o    Understanding modes in vi

o    Changing modes

o    Working in different modes

o    Command line options


o    Executing job at a specified time

o    Listing jobs in the queue

o    Removing a job

o    Periodical execution

o    To list process information

o    To terminate a process


o    Understanding redirection

o    Redirecting standard I/O & ERROR

o    Changing default standard I/O

o    Understanding pipes

o    Using pipes

o    Working with filters

o    head,tail,grep,wc,sort,cut,paste,comm,diff,cmp,tr,sed,more,less

·          WORKING IN THE N/W

o    Using ftp

o    Using vncviewer

o    Using ssh,scp,sftp


Linux Admin

·      Introduction To System Administration

·      Working with Disks and Partitions

          o    Partitions tables – msdos & GPT

          o   Primary partitions

          o   Extended partition

          o     Logical partitions

          o   Using fdisk & parted

·     Working with file systems

o Ext2,Ext3,Ext4 file systems

o XFS file systems

o BTRFS file system

o Working with file systems

o mounting & unmounting file system

o checking file systems

o mounting other file systems

o mounting an iso image files

·          Working with LVM

o LVM introduction

o LVM components

o Linear Volumes

o Striped Volumes

o Mirrored Volumes

o Creating, Removing, Resizing Volumes

·          Configuring swap

·          File system backup & restore

o file system backups

o full backups & incremental backups

o taking ext2,ext3,ext4,xfs file system backups

o restoring file system backups

·          Package & Patch management using rpm and yum

o installing packages

o removing packages

o yum repos

·          creating groups and users

o adding a group

o modifying group properties

o deleting a group

o adding a user

o modifying user properties

o deleting a user

o setting password aging

o passwd & group file integrity check

o using sudo& sudoers file

·          configuring openssh

o starting openssh

o using ssh to login

o executing remote commands with ssh

o using scp

           o  using ssh & scp without a password

apache http server configuratio

·    basic settings

·    default settings

·    virtual hosts

·    server settings

·    saving settings

 ·   basic firewall configuration


AWS (Amazon Web Services ) Training

cloud computing introduction

                  ·       Introduction to cloud computing

                   ·       Iaas,Paas,Saas

                   ·      Public, Private and Hybrid cloud models

                    ·   benefits of cloud computing

AWS Overview

                    ·  AWS Regions and Availability zones.

                     ·   Tools to access services.

                     ·  Overview of the console.

AWS ec2(elastic compute cloud)

                     · Introduction to EC2.

                     ·   EC2-VPC or EC2-Classic Platform

                     ·   instances,instance types,AMIs

                     ·  Pricing model On-demand, Reserved ,Spot instances.

                     ·   Dedicated instances,Dedicated hosts

                     ·   Using Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to create the instances.

                      ·  Public vs Private Images.

                      ·  Sharing of AMIs

                      ·  Logging into instances using key pairs.

                      ·    elastic block store volumes

                       ·    EBS volume types.

                      ·     Using snapshots for backup.

                      ·    Increasing the size of the volumes.

                     ·  Backup and restore of EC2 instances.

                     ·   Adding network interfaces.

                    ·    Assigning static IPs using Elastic IPs.

                    ·    Managing Security Groups.

Working with elastic file system

Elastic Load Balancer

                       ·   Introduction to ELB.

                      ·     Creating ELB from Console.

                      ·    Attaching instances to ELB.

                      ·   Configuring Ports, Protocols and health checks.

                      ·    Enabling sticky session.

                      ·  Connection draining.

                      ·    Enabling SSL Certificates for https transactions.

Auto scaling

                    ·    Overview.

                    ·     Creating launch configuration.

                     ·   Creating auto-scaling group.

                     ·   Auto-scaling policies.

Network & Security

·   Security Groups

·   Elastic IPs

·   Key Pairs

·   Network Interfaces

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

                  ·     Introduction.

                  ·    Choosing a network design and CIDR.

                  ·      Design a simple network.

                   ·     Creating Subnets and setup routing as per the design.

                   ·      Using IGW , Network ACLs, Security Groups.

                    ·    EC2 instances and VPC

                    ·  Nat GW

                    ·    VPC peering

Amazon Route 53

·  Route 53 as your DNS service

 ·   Using Traffic Flow

 ·   Route 53 Health Checks

·   Configuring DNS Failover

·   Latency Based Routing

·   Weighted Routing Policies

AWS s3(simple storage service)

                      ·   Introduction to Simple Storage Server (S3).

                     ·     Storage options (default vs reduced redundancy vs Glacier).

                     ·   Creating buckets using Console.

                     ·   Uploading and downloading data to S3.

                    ·   Building static websites using S3.

                   ·     Enable version control on S3.

                    ·    S3 access policies.

Identity Access Management (IAM)

                 ·        Introduction to IAM.

                 ·      Access controls using IAM.

                  ·      Creating users, groups and roles.

                  ·     Assigning policies.


 Working withAWS CLI

                   ·     Installing AWSCLI .

                   ·     Installing CLI tools using rpm or pip.

                   ·       Configuring credentials.

                    ·      AWS CLI syntax and examples.

                    ·        Managing resources using CLI.

Version control - git

                    ·    Version control Introduction

                    ·      Git introduction

                    ·     Git Lifecycle

                    ·      Installing git

                   ·      Git initial setup

                   ·      Working with git repository

                   ·      Working with Branches in Git


                ·       Creating github account

                ·        Createing remote repo

                 ·      Remote repo cloning

                ·        Pushing local repo to remote repo

MAVEN (Build Tool)

                 ·       Maven Overview

                 ·           Maven installation

                 ·     Maven with java Based projects

                 ·      POM.xml file

                 ·       Maven life cycle

                  ·      Maven goals

TOMCAT (Web Server)

                ·        Installation & setup

                ·        Creating users

                ·       Starting & stopping tomcat service

               ·      Deploying war files

              ·        Integrating with jenkins


                 ·       Understanding maven

                 ·      Maven installation and working with maven

              ·   Introduction to Jenkins

                 ·      Jenkins installation

                 ·        Installing Plug-ins in Jenkins

                  ·        Jobs

                 ·         Building deployment

                  ·     Jenkins integration

                 ·     Triggering Jobs using Git Web Hooks

                 ·      Jenkins pipeline

                  ·       Jenkins Master Slave Architecture

Nexus  (Artifactory)

                   ·     Introduction to Nexus

                  ·    Installation & setup

                  ·       Creating users

                  ·      Creating repositories

                   ·     Integrating with jenkins


              ·          Introduction &  Architecture

              ·      Docker installation

              ·     Docker hub

              ·       Docker images

              ·         Custom images

             ·        Docker networking

              ·   Docker volumes

              ·    Docker compose


                ·        Introduction & Architecture

                ·          Installing kuberentes cluster

             ·       Pods

               ·          Nodes

                ·          Service

                 ·        Volume

                 ·    ER   Namespace

Ansible       (configuration Management)

    ·       Introduction to architecture

    ·       Introduction to ansible

    ·      Ansible setup

    ·       Ansible architecture

    ·       Ansible adhoc commands

     ·       Working with playbooks 



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